About God's Generation

God's generation is a rising generation that is going all out for Christ. A lot of youths are out there and do not have the support system to encourage them to use their God-given talents for the gospel, this is where we come in. This body of Christ is going to build, mold, support and encourage talents used to make Jesus popular

Our Story

My name is Damilola Gbadamosi. I am a graduate of Towson University with a bachelors degree is business administration and Electronic business. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland studying cyber security. I love anything arts ranging from paintings to literature. I am a writer, singer, presenter, and actress. When it comes to literature, I am a huge lover most especially poetry. I have written a couple of poems and hope to publish an anthology of poems someday. I am a Jesus lover and would go all out just for the sake of Christ. I have a passion for the homeless, and youths. I am a strong advocate against abuse most especially emotional abuse. Also, I love to encourage people to find their purpose in life. I am the founder of Gods Generation which is a generation of youths on fire for God. It's time to break protocols and take the Gospel all over the world in a unique way. This generation of youths are dangerously packed with potentials and we are on the move to make Jesus popular.